The business continues to invest in people, machinery and systems. We believe we have the best methods and expertise, enabling us to maintain our industry-leading position.

Our leek packing facility has seen many changes over the years, as we continually develop with the aid of new technology.

Allpress Farms are a member of Greenshoots Limited, and all our vegetable produce is sold through Greenshoots to retailers, wholesalers and processors.


Greenshoots objective, since being established in 2003, is to help its members to collaborate in producing and marketing vegetables in an environmentally sustainable way, whilst exceeding customers expectations.


Greenshoots members are responsible for producing 70,000 tonnes of carrots, 17,000 tonnes of onions, 20,000 tonnes of parsnips and 8,000 tonnes of leeks, all grown in Great Britain.

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