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We farm over 2,500 acres of land in the Fens and the surrounding areas.​


We have invested heavily over the last few years, both in plant and machinery and irrigation.​


Selecting the right land, and the best varieties, in tandem with our investment has seen our yields rise despite some very challenging weather conditions.​


Technology now plays a large role in commercial farming, including the use of GPS equipment. The John Deere Greenstar equipment helps us with many of the land preparation routines, and is especially successful with the variable application of fertilisers, referencing a grid system that pinpoints the exact amount of fertiliser required in that part of the field. This has saved us money on fertiliser, and reduced the environmental impact.​​


At Allpress we continually evaluate our methods to ensure that we grow a cost effective and sustainable crop.



We harvest over 30,000 tonnes annually.​


From our combine harvester to our bespoke leek harvesters, Allpress invests heavily in the latest harvest equipment.


​The leek harvesters (or rigs as we know them) run for around 10 months a year, through all weathers.​ Each rig is a mobile packhouse with washing and weighing equipment on-board. The leeks are taken to the packing facility within a very short period of time, ensuring freshness and quality is maintained.​​​​

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